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It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Life

By: Michelle Blumenfeld, LMSW, CPCC

Spring means blossoming flowers and a desire to clean your home. But it’s also the perfect time to take control of your life—to start new things and take action. Here’s some tips on how to spring clean your life:

1) Start Something New!

What have you always wanted to do but haven't made time to try? Step into a challenging activity that has you a little scared but excited at the same time.  Be courageous!

2) Shed Your Negative Thinking!

Flowers represent springtime; they also require pruning to blossom.  People need to remove weeds from their lives, too, especially as it relates to their thinking.  Thoughts determine your actions, which brings results.  Make sure your thinking is creating joy in your life. Eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs, and your garden will grow with beauty and bliss.

3) Forgive Yourself and Others!

Spring is a time to forgive individuals in your life who may have caused you pain.  Forgiveness empowers us; it's the first step in liberating ourselves from a painful past. You can forgive a person without excusing the act and learn to forgive by focusing on the present. By embracing forgiveness, you also embrace peace, hope, gratitude, and happiness. Let sunlight into your heart!  Forgiveness brings a kind of peace that helps you go on with life.

4) Clean your Physical Space!

Imagine your  home, office, and car as clean and fresh as the spring time air.  Take time to un-clutter the spaces in your life that need some freshening up.  Cleaning and decluttering your home and office helps you practice letting go of stuff that is weighing you down.

Spring time is defined as a season of growth.  Follow these tips and you can grow a magnificent garden inside and out! 


The Healthcare Leader of the Future

By: Amy Minjarez, CEO, Caring Companions 

The healthcare leader of the future will need to get things done while navigating a difficult changing environment. Margins and valuation multiples are shrinking. The healthcare leader of the future will have to identify and adapt to a new senior care model to be successful.

1.)    The healthcare leader of the future must be an independent thinker who understands the emerging healthcare market. Executives must learn to focus on a problem by staying in close contact with their stakeholders and customers.

2.)    The healthcare leader of the future must be passionate about serving the needs of their customers. Leaders must focus on spending more time speaking and listening to their customers.

3.)    The healthcare leader of the future will adapt to change quicker than other organizations. As the business model is changing in senior care, great leaders will ensure that the model will align for the common goal of the customer. A successful leader effectively oversees the organization’s vision and philosophy to meet the evolving healthcare industry, always maintaining integrity and ethical compliance.

4.)    The healthcare leader of the future will have the ability to motivate and inspire their personnel to achieve common goals. A great leader will have the” buy in” of those who trust him/her. As John Maxwell states, “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.  A great leader empowers their employees by including them in the process. Good communication is the key to inspiring your employees.  Keep your message simple and repeat it often.

5.)    The healthcare leader of the future will run a lean, high quality organization. Leaders must run efficient organizations without sacrificing quality care.  Successful leaders allow their employees to take ownership of specific tasks. Great leaders will hold themselves accountable and inspire their employees to do the same.

6.)    Look to the future. Successful leaders plan for the future. Organizations must invest in new technology and crucially have a clear idea of where they want their organization to be in five years at a time. A successful leader beats their competition to the future. 


Are You Really Listening?

We have lost the art of listening to one another.  Our society has become so fixated by our electronic devices that our face-to-face communication skills have fallen by the wayside.

Truly listening will bring about a tremendous change in your life.  There is no better gift we can give our family members, friends, or colleagues than our undivided attention. Positive ways to act during a conversation include maintaining eye contact, nodding, and not interrupting. 

Here are three ways to improve you listening skills. 

Attention:  Give your focus to the speaker: Give your spouse, parent, or boss the respect of being heard?  We all want to be listened to and validated but that doesn't happen if you don't listen with your eyes and ears.   Put down your device, stop multitasking, and look into the eyes of the person speaking to you.  You will be amazed at how much you can grow in your relationships if you stop and truly listen.

Understanding and Receiving:  What is the communicator trying to say to us?  Many of us, while talking with someone, are one step ahead of the conversation in our mind—just waiting to jump in with our comment or story. STOP!  Listen and then ask questions. Get curious about the person in front of you. 

Responding:  Take a minute to think about your reply:  Good listeners respond to the speaker with clear comments about the topic at hand.  They don't go off on a tangent or make the conversation about them.  The listener needs to pause, and think about the words chosen to respond to someone.   Remember words can never be taken back.