Norma Juarez


Little Einstein Daycare and Learning Center

Norma Juarez has always had a passion in working with youths and children.  Mrs. Juarez pursued her higher education and became a licensed counselor for students in elementary.  She had always had a passion to have her own daycare and learning center that was really different from any other day care/learning center.  She wanted to incorporate educational activities and increasing the potential of the children.  


Mrs. Juarez had come across the website of the Women’s Business Border Center Program and was excited that she would be able to live her American Dream in starting her own business.  Mrs. Juarez started and successfully completed the scope of work with the Women’s Business Border Center team. 


Mrs. Juarez was able to start her business with a small personal loan in April 2012, and began the process of getting her business up and running.  Little Einstein Daycare & Learning Center has been in full operation and servicing the daycare needs in the area since.  Little Einstein Daycare and Learning Center pride themselves in providing activities to promote the overall development, growth, & expansion of each child socially, emotionally, mentally (cognitive development), physically, and linguistically. The company’s mission has been to create and maintain a rich environment to promote individual development, growth of self-image, creative expression, positive decision making, and reaching to fulfill the full potential of the children.